Foodie Experiments

Afternoon curvies. So today I’ve been cooking up a storm. I love to cook, mainly cakes and biscuits but I can put together a good savoury meal when the need arises.
Anyway been having a lot of trouble with my tummy lately and decided to be tested for a wheat allergy as I’m always ill after any heavy breads or pastries, which I love! Well surprise surprise I do have a real wheat allergy so I’ve got to think outside the box. No way am I giving up bread and cakes so I’ve bought some rice and corn flour and I’m going to have a go at making some flat breads, wraps or whatever you want to call them . The batter is resting as we speak so I shall report back later on how they turn out. I will put pictures on if they look ok. We are having them with chicken casserole which is wheat free without trying and of course you’ve got to have something to dip 😋

Happy Saturday

Good morning Curvies

What are you all up to. It’s blowing a gale here so I’m planning on a nice comfy jumper, Uggs and leggings, I might even wear my leopard print scarf. 

I’m cooking today,  Thai Curry and. Trifle as we have friends around for dinner. I also want to visit TK Maxx as I need a birthday present, plus I’m looking for Christmas presents.

Also I may have a look at the clothes just to make a change. I love TK Maxx 



Does anyone have as much trouble as I do buying trousers. So I am a size 16 on the bum but probably a 14 around my waist. I’ve read different things about what to a wear for my shape but I think its a very individual choice. Some flared trousers look ok but too flared just make me look huge, like the cream ones. I love the peg leg shape but if the legs are too skinny they are no good as I have chunky legs. I normally buy boot cut jeans but always have to wear a belt. Let me know what you think

Good Evening Foodie Thoughts

Sorry I’ve been missing for a couple of days. Real life has taken over with family visits and cooking up a storm.  Yesterday my son and his gorgeous girlfriend came for tea. I decided I would have a bash at Foccacia which I had seen the hairy bikers do mid week. Anyway actually making it was awful. It’s such a wet dough. A nightmare to handle. once I’d wrestled it into a baking tray I didn’t have high hopes. it was actually lovely, everyone enjoyed it but I don’t think it will be featuring regularly in my kitchen as it was such a faff to make.

Tonights tea was so much easier. pie chips and gravy from the chippy. Ooh it was good, well I don’t get these curves without working hard 

Welcome to my brand new blog where we celebrate all things curvy.


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